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 Bind Talk?!

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PostSubject: Bind Talk?!   Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:34 pm

Plz help me i want to say Caution Throwing Frag automatically. People say its called binding but i dont know how



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Wile E.Coyote
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PostSubject: Re: Bind Talk?!   Sun Jan 03, 2010 7:15 pm

first of all there are many ways to do this some in game for extra divers-ability and others in the user.ini(configuration file)

Binding Keys

i. Binding Keys with User.ini
Note: The following topic requires editing of the User.ini file. The default location for this file is: C:\Program Files\America's Army\System\User.ini.

Important: First copy and paste the User.ini file to your desktop or another location to have a back up in case you make any changes you don't want. You can set the commands for each key to almost anything you want, but some commands cannot be used together (Ex: Fire and any other command).

The key you are binding is shown first. The command is written after the equals sign. Here are a few examples:
When 7 is pressed, an NPCSoldier will spawn.
2=Grenade Frag | TeamSay Throwing A Grenade! Take Cover!
When 2 is pressed, you will take out a frag grenade, and say to your team "Throwing A Grenade! Take Cover!"

ii. Binding Keys In-Game
Hit ~ to bring down console.
bind <key> <command>

bind X Say Good Job

Your X key is now bound (in the User.ini file) to Say Good Job. You can, of course, rebind it to something else at any time. It will replace the old bind you had there if any.

iii. Binding Many Keys With a Text File
Eventually, you may find that you have more bindings then keys, especially if you make map-specific binds. In order to get around this problem, you can load binds with a text file. In your user.ini file you would have:

<key>=exec FILENAME.txt

Within FILENAME.txt would look like the following:
bind <key> <command>
bind <key> <command>
bind <key> <command>

User.ini Example:
X=exec FILENAME.txt

Within FILENAME.txt would look like the following:
bind Y Say Hello world
bind Z Say Hi there

When you load the game, hitting Y will do nothing. But if you hit your X key, it will bind Y to say Hello World. Using multiple .txt files, you can swap large numbers of binds in and out of your User.ini file.

Note: You can modify your User.ini file directly to create individual binds, without the file swapping method described above. Open it up in a text editor, such as Notepad, find the keys you want to change, modify them how you want. Then save the file and open America's Army.

Note: When importing binds from a text file the "|", which allows you to put multiple commands on a single bind, does not work properly. Many people avoid this limitation by taking advantage of aliases. Make sure you do not use an .ini file for the text files, as they will not work. It has to be a .txt file.

Binding Commo Messages & Actions

i. Proper Format

<key>=Commo<list> | CommoSendMessage <X> where <list> is radio, shout, whisper, squad, or hand and <X> is 1 through 32
Note: The | character is used to separate commands. This makes it possible for one key to execute multiple commands at the same time.

K=CommoHand | CommoSendMessage 6

Now for your own:
<key>=CommoHand | CommoSendMessage 1
Problem with the above bind is that it leaves the commo mode in CommoHand.

<key>=CommoHand | CommoSendMessage 1 | CommoRadio
With this there is a problem as well. Now it leaves the Radio menu open and you have to hit a key to close it.

Proper fix:
<key>=CommoHand | CommoSendMessage 1 | CommoRadio | CommoSendMessage 99
This works correctly by sending a fake CommoSendMessage to CommoRadio.

ii. Commo List

Each of CommoWhisper, CommoShout, CommoRadio, and CommoGlobal has an associated chat mode. You can bind these to keys using:
<key>=CommoWhisper | Talk
<key>=CommoShout | Talk
<key>=CommoRadio | Talk
<key>=CommoGlobal | Talk

For use with CommoSendMessage <#> where <#> is a number listed below:

Hand signals
1 - Move out
2 - Stop
3 - Get down
4 - Look this way
5 - Ready
6 - Double time
8 - Affirm
9 - Negative

Squad Commands
Note: These ONLY work when you are the squad leader.
1 - Squad, form up!
2 - Squad, spread out!
3 - Fall back! Fall back!
4 - Squad, Open fire
5 - Squad, Cease fire
6 - Squad, Hold this position
7 - Squad, Report in
8 - Squad, Silence! Silence!
9 - Squad, Operate as a unit
10 - There's no I in team
11 - That may be your way, but it's not the army way
12 - What are you doing solider?
13 - Hit the dirt!
14 - Stay down
15 - Grandma was slow but she was old
16 - That don't make no sense at all
17 - Good job soldier!
18 - Great job team!

1 - Move out
2 - Stop
3 - Cover me
4 - Enemy spotted
5 - Take cover
6 - Enemy down
7 - Area secure
8 - Roger
9 - Negative
10 - Up
11 - Down
12 - Left
13 - Right
14 - North
15 - South
16 - East
17 - West
18 - Hooah
19 - Sniper
20 - Frag'em
21 - Smoke'em
22 - Flash'em
23 - Grenade
24 - Ready
25 - I'm hit
26 - Get the door
27 - Check your flanks
28 - Psst - Whisper; Frag Out - Shout; Silent Beep - Radio
31 - Stop so I can Treat You
32 - Medic! [Position]

iii. Actions
Some of the following actions can be used with each other, or with Comm messages.

M=CallMedic | ReportIn
When "M" is pressed, you will shout for a medic and report in your position.

K=Teamsay Smoking! Get ready to move! | GrenadeSmoke
When "K" is pressed, you will tell your team "Smoking! Get ready to move!" and also take out a smoke grenade.

Action - Open doors, take objectives, etc
AGPMainMenu - AA main menu
AltFire - Alternate fire mode
Binoculars - Select binoculars if you have them in your inventory
Brightness - Changes screen brightness
CallMedic - Player yells "Medic" if injured
CommandCivilian TakeCover - NPC will try to find some cover.
CommandCivilian GetDown - Will tell the AI to go prone so you can safely shoot near them.
CommandCivilian MoveAlong - Tells an AI you've sent prone to get up and move along with what they are doing. (Will only work if they aren't frightened into not being able to respond.)
CommoCycle - Cycles through commos
CommoGlobal - Global (seen by all players if alive (only seen by dead players if you are dead))
CommoHand - Hand signal commos
CommoMenuToggle - Will probably cycle through commos next version (currently does nothing)
CommoRadio - Radio commos
CommoShout - Shout commos (heard by all within range)
CommoSquad - Squad commos
CommoWhisper - Whisper commos (heard by all within range)
Console - Pull up the console
Contrast - Changes monitor contrast
Crawl - Same functionality as Crouch
Crawling - Prone/Standing toggle
Crosshair - Change crosshair
Crouch - When pressed it will only go to crouched, repressing while crouched causes no stance change. Unlike the Crouching command, which when double pressed, will cause you to stand.
Crouching - Crouch/Standing toggle
DecreaseRange - Decreases the range on weapons with adjustable sights
DemolitionItem - Select a door breacher if have one in your inventory
FastMove - Toggle run/walk
Fire - Fire Weapon
FixJam - Fix jammed weapon
Flush - Flushes graphics, useful for low end systems
ForceReload - 'Forces' a reload.
FreeLook - Free look
Gamma - Changes monitor gamma
GrenadeIncendiary - Select an incendiary grenade if you one them in your inventory
GrenadeFlash - Select a flash grenade if you have one in your inventory
GrenadeFrag - Select a fragmentation grenade if you have one in your inventory
GrenadeSmoke - Select a smoke grenade if you have one in your inventory
HealSelf - Apply the field dressing to yourself
IncreaseRange - Increases the range on weapons with adjustable sights
Jump - Jump
LeanLeft - Lean/roll left
LeanRight - Lean/roll right
LeftRail - Activate mod on the left rail
LookDown - Moves aimpoint down
LookUp - Moves aimpoint up
MoveBackward - Move backwards
MoveForward - Move forwards
NV - Night vision goggles
Pause - Pauses single player game
PlayerList - Shows list of players
Quit - Exit America's Army
Reload - Reload weapon
ReportIn - Reports in your current location to team
Resolution - Change screen resolution
Reasonlist - Shows reasons for kicking a player
RightRail - Activate mod on the right rail
Say - Prompts for text message
SelectClass - Shows the weapons selection screen
SelectTeam - Shows the team selection screen
SetIndex 0 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 1
SetIndex 1 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 2
SetIndex 2 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 3
SetIndex 3 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 4
SetIndex 4 - Changes M4 Mod set to number 5
SetSquadTarget - Sets squad objective
Shot - Takes a Screenshot (saved as *.bmp in America's Army/ScreenShots directory)
ShowObjectives - Shows mission objectives
ShowScores - Shows scores and most teammates/opponents
Sprint - Makes you start sprinting if you are moving already
Stand - Same functionality as Crouch
Strafe - Set strafe mode on/off
StrafeLeft - Strafe left
StrafeRight - Strafe right
Suicide - Kill yourself
SupportedFire - Switch to supported fire/grenade mode (M249, M24, M82, M203, GP30, M4M with bipod, RPK only)
Suppressor - Puts the suppressor on the modified M4A1
SwapHands - Shoulder/unshoulder weapon
Talk - Prompts for text message
TeamSay - Prompts for text message that only your team sees
TeamTalk - Prompts for text message that only your team sees
ThrowWeapon - Drops weapon to ground
TurnLeft - Turns aimpoint left
TurnRight - Turns aimpoint right
Turn180 - Turns character 180 degrees around
UseJoyStick - Enable JoySticks
VoiceTalk - Use the Voice Activation Control
Votekick - Initiate/add a vote to a votekick
ZeroRange - Zeros the range on weapons with adjustable sights
Zoom - Brings up sights/scope

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Posts : 224
GAH! : 747
Join date : 2009-10-11
Age : 24
Location : The Kennel

PostSubject: Re: Bind Talk?!   Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:11 pm

thank you Wink


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PostSubject: Re: Bind Talk?!   

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Bind Talk?!
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